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This web site is dedicated to my Grandfather, Charles Bowers Momsen, who left the world a better place when he passed away in 1967. He dedicated his life and his imagination to the United States Navy and the Submarine Service. The rescue of 33 survivors from the USS Squalus in 1939, a boat that malfunctioned and sunk to the bottom of the ocean in over 200 feet of water, can be directly attributed to the pioneering work that he did in pursuit of safety for the men who served in the Silent Service. His legacy lives on today in safer deep sea diving procedures as well as in the inventions that he developed for the Navy's Submarine Force.With this website, I hope to share with the world my memories of the man I called "Grandie." I have heard from many who served with my Grandfather during his years in the United States Navy, and will add their memories to mine to tell the tale of a man who, although bigger than life in many ways, was Father, Grandfather and friend to many.

I also dedicate this site to another Momsen and Naval Officer, my Father, Charles Bowers Momsen, Jr., who attended the Naval Academy and graduated in 1942. He received the Elmer Sperry Award from the Department of Transportation of the United States Government for his part in the development of the ALVIN submarine, which signaled the beginning of the submersibles.  

These men are the yardsticks with which I learned to measure dedication, bravery, honesty, humility and humanity. If you have a story to tell about my Father or Grandfather, please use the contact page to tell it and I will add it to this sea story - and it will make the telling all the better. I do realize that the passing of time means that many who served with them have joined Father and Grandfather and are sailing the seas of the great hereafter, but perhaps some of the stories have been passed down to new generations. I hope to hear from anyone who has a thought or a story to share.  Helen Hart Momsen